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May 12, 2011

Drivers License Test Content

<p>I am scheduled to take my drivers test this month. I already have my permit.&nbsp; <br />I know that parallel parking and obviously driving is part of the test. I was wondering if you could give me details about how the test will go. What turns i will have to make, what questions the instructor will ask, and what things the instructor will be looking for such as wearing my seatbelt, making him wear his or her seatbelt, can the radio be on quietly? will there be a written section? do i need to beep when i parallel park? can i look back while i parallel park? while parallel parking do my hands still need to be at ten and two? do i need an emissions sticker on the car? what papers will i need when i go? how many chances to parallel park do you get? how many times can you go backwards or forwards while parallel parking? What exactly will be expected of me</p>

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Mar 10, 2012
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Some states no longer require Parallel parking, but if they do proper technique requires you look back wards any time your backing up. If your taking the road test you should have already passed the written test, If not you need to take that before you take the road test.

Your hands are only supposed to be at 10 and 2 when your are driving straight if you parking or making a sharp turn you will need to move your hands. As for your car they will be checking to make sure you have a seat belt on and they will check all the lights on your car to make sure they are in legal working order. You also must have Valid insurance in the vehicle. Typically there won't be any verbal questions while taking the road driving tests, the road test is all about how you drive an pay attention to the road.

Here are some more helpful tips:

All in all just relax and follow the rules of the road. Be careful not to roll and stop signs, run and red lights, or turn with our signaling. If you let us know what state you are in I can be more specific as to what to expect on your road test.

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